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Manufacturers of Sulphamic Acid Image

Manufacturers of Sulphamic Acid

Raviraj Chemicals for Sulphamic Acid is a powdered sulfamic acid blend with corrosion inhibitors and wetting agents designed for cleaning heat transfer surfaces.

Raviraj's Sulphamic Acid inhibitor is used as a descaler for either boiler water, cooling water or heat exchange systems. It can be used to clean a cooling water system while in operation or the condenser can be isolated. Optimum results are obtained when boiler water is heated to 120-150° F for on-line cleaning.

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Manufacturers of Auramine O Image

Manufacturers of Auramine O

Auramine O is an aniline dye used as a disinfectant and an antiseptic agent. It is weakly fluorescing and binds specifically to certain proteins.

Auramine O is a hydrochloride obtained by combining 4,4'-carbonimidoylbis(N,N-dimethylaniline) with one molar equivalent of hydrogen chloride. A fluorescent stain for demonstrating acid fast organisms in a method similar to the Ziehl Neelsen. It also can be used to make a fluorescent Schiff reagent. It has a role as a fluorochrome and a histological dye. It contains an auramine O(1+).

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Manufacturers of Basic Inorganic Chemicals

We at Raviraj Chemicals  Sulphamic Acid Manufacturers in India, Sulphamic Acid Suppliers in India and Sulphamic Acid Exporters in India. We provide good quality sulphamic acid for your cleaning needs. It is used for cleaning the rust and limescale off of metals, and is better at it than hydrochloric acid. It is used as a herbicide and as in anti-biotics, anti-cnacer drugs, weight loss drugs and in sweeteners. It is also use as a dye and for electroplating.

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Basic Inorganic Chemicals Exporter

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Exporting Inorganic Chemicals

Sulphamic Acid as Boiler Descalant Image

Sulphamic Acid as Boiler Descalant

Boiler descaling process

1) The GP grade of Sulphamic acid

2) The SR grade of Sulphamic acid

3) The TM grade of Sulphamic acid

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