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Epalrestat Image


CAS Number: 82159-09-9

Liability Company Latin name:  Epalrestat  CAS No.:  82159-09-9 

Molecular Formula:  C15H13NO3S2 

1. Latin name: Epalrestat

2. Specification : 99%

3. Appearance : Orange to range-red crystalline powder
Ubenimex Image


CAS Number: 58970-76-6

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Cisatracurium besilate Image

Cisatracurium besilate

CAS Number: 96946-42-8
CAS No.:  96946-42-8  Other Names:  Cisatracurium besylate   MF:  C53H72N2O12.2(C6H5O3S)  Type:  Muscle loose drug   Grade Standard:  Medicine Grade                               
Cefotian hexetil HCl Image

Cefotian hexetil HCl

CAS Number: 95789-30-3

1. our factory with GMP 2.CAS NO:95789-30-3 3.Quality Standard: EP7.0 4. High purity

Moxifloxacin HCL Image

Moxifloxacin HCL

CAS Number: 186826-86-8
1. our factory with GMP

2.CAS NO:186826-86-8

3.Quality Standard: EP7.0

4. High purity                             
Tirofiban HCL Image

Tirofiban HCL

CAS Number: 142373-60-2

1. our factory with GMP

2.CAS NO:142373-60-2

3.Quality Standard: In-home standard

4. High purity

Production name:Tirofiban hydrochloride 142373-60-2

Cas no.:142373-60-2

Purity: 99% min


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Gadodiamide Image


CAS Number: 131410-48-5

1. our factory with GMP
2.CAS NO:131410-48-5
3.Quality Standard:  USP35
4. High purity

6.M F: C16H26GdN5O8
7.Molecular Weight 573.66
9.appearance:white powder

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Iopromide Image


CAS Number: 73334-07-3
1. our factory with GMP
2.CAS NO:73334-07-3
3.Quality Standard: EP7.0
4. High purity
5, application: X-Ray contrast Medium
IOPROMIDE cas no 73334-07-3
Molecular Formula C18H24I3N3O8                             
Moxonidine Image


CAS Number: 75438-57-2

CAS No.: 75438-57-2

  • Name: 5-Pyrimidinamine,4-chloro-N-(4,5-dihydro-1H-imidazol-2-yl)-6-methoxy-2-methyl-   
  • Superlist Name: Moxonidine   
  • Formula: C9H12ClN5O   
  • Synonyms: 2-(6-Chloro-4-methoxy-2-methylpyrimidin-5-ylamino)-2-imidazoline;BDF 5895;BE 5895;Cynt;LY 326869;Lomox;Moxon;Moxonidine;Norcynt;Normoxocin;Nucynt;Physiotens;   
  • Molecular Weight: 241.68   
  • appearance: white powder
  • application: Anti-hypertensive


    CAS NO.:75438-57-2

    Density: 1.52g/cm3

    Boiling Point(°C): 364.7°C at 760 mmHg

    Flash Point(°C): 174.3°C

    refractive_index: 1.68 

Dextran 40 Image

Dextran 40

CAS Number: 9004-54-0

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Satranidazole Image


CAS Number: 56302-13-7

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