Leading Manufacturer of 2-Ethoxy Phenol CAS No. 94-71-3

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Manglam Chemicals

CAS Number: 94-71-3

Manglam Chemicals specializes in the production of research and development of  2-Ethoxy Phenol CAS No. 94-71-3 inorganic chemicals , manufacturing & research, warehouse & logistics of active pharmaceutical ingredients, pharmaceutical raw materials, cosmetic ingredients, and intermediaries. API of pharmaceutical animals, chateate agents, food & feed chemicals, water treatment chemicals. 

2-Ethoxy Phenol CAS No. 94-71-3

2-Ethoxy Phenol

Manufactured in india

Application : 

2-Ethoxyphenol is used in the studies on the inhibition of oral bacteria by phenolic compounds. Studies on the prostagladins cyclooxygenase inhibition by phenolic compounds. Reagent for the stereoselective preparation of (arylthiomethyl)morpholines as selective norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors and dual serotonin/norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors.

kinds of products with high-quality price concessions, welcome the purchase of new and old customer advisors, the company invests large funds and researches the brain departments of chemical R & D, biochemistry, phamaceutical and intermediate products to meet market demand. a high-level research team, advanced equipment and a good scientific atmosphere ensure quality. Our products are selling well in india, Italy, South Korea, Canada, Poland, Australia, England, Mexico, Germany, the United States, and so on worldwide.

Our specialty inorganic chemicals, usually used as intermediates, are widely applied in the manufacture of more advanced chemicals, such as innovative medicines, liquid crystal display materials, etc., to improve performance. In order to be more aligned with our clients strategically, we also offer our specialization in process design and process development, which results in the production of more efficient and faster specialty chemicals that are incorporated into their own products and thus improve the position of our customers.

With our four flexible and responsive manufacturing facilities, we are equipped to produce specialty chemicals in small batches for project development stages and in large quantities for commercial projects, according to the needs of our customers. We believe that strong research and development capabilities, efficient manufacturing process management, and proven track record, provide leading inorganic chemical solutions for our customers.

CAS Number: 94-71-3

Basic Information of 94-71-3

Formula: C8H10O2

Chemical Properties of Leading Manufacturer of 2-Ethoxy Phenol CAS No. 94-71-3

Weight: 138.16
Density: 1.09
Melting Point: 20-25°C
Boiling Point: 216-217°C
Flash Point: 91°C
Refractive Index: 1.528-1.53
Solubility: 9 g/l (30 C)