Sodium Hypochlorite

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CAS Number: 7681-52-9
Quantity: 25 Tons
Purity: 12-16%
Other Names: Chloride of soda
EINECS No.: 7681-52-9
Model Number: Sodium hypochlorite 12-16%
Grade Standard: Industrial Grade
Appearance: Yellowish solution
Purity: 12%-16%
Molecular Weight: 74.50
Application: Water Treatment
Place of Origin: Egypt
Brand Name: Sodium hypochlorite


Used for bleaching, industrial wastewater treatment, pharmaceutical, fine chemicals, sanitation and disinfection and other applications.

Chemical properties:

Concentration (as Av. Chlorine): Min 12.0%-16%
Alkalinity (as NaOH) : Min 1.50%
Iron (as Fe) : Max 0.0005% w/w
Copper (as Cu) : Max 0.001%w/w
Manganese (as Mn) : Max 0.0001% w/w
Mercury : Nil

CAS Number: 7681-52-9

Basic Information of 7681-52-9

Formula: NaClO

Chemical Properties of Sodium Hypochlorite

Weight: 74.44
Density: 1.25 g/mL at 20°C
Melting Point: -16°C
Boiling Point: 111°C
Solubility: Decomposes